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 Third-Party Custody and Parenting Time

Third-Party Custody 

Otherwise known as a "119 Action" and formerly  "Grandparents Rights"  third parties have remedies in Oregon for fighting for custody of a child.  These remedies can be available to third-parties that have established a parent-child relationship with a child or children. Custody is different than parenting time and it is important to understand the distinction.   Custody gives a person decision making authority regarding what we refer to as "The Big Three" which are education, medical, and religious decisions.  

Contact our office with additional questions regarding Third-Party Custody. 

Third Party Parenting Time

As mentioned above, this is commonly referred to as a "119 Action" for parenting time.  As noted above and elsewhere on our site it is important to understand the difference between custody and parenting time.  Remedies for third-parties are available to those that have formed a parent-child relationship with a child or children.  

These rights can include:

  • Entering into a parenting plan with the parent or parents

  • Receiving child support

  • Making day-to-day decisions for a child

If you have helped raise a child due to circumstances for the parents whether that be age, substance abuse, mental health issues, etc. there are ways to continue to be involved in a parent role with the child even if reunification has happened with the parents.  You have options. 

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