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Our Fees

Family law cases are all unique and vary in complexity. Ms. Whitnah bases her retainers on complexity and the facts of the case. She understands the financial burden that can accompany a case, but it is far more cost effective to have a case done right the first time.  


Initial Consultation

Consultations can be in-person or via remote means. Ms. Whitnah provides an in-depth consult to clients and provides insight of the various options clients have available to them. 

$300 - $500 flat rate

Retainers, Billing Rates, and Legal Coaching

Retainers vary per case.  A complex divorce will require a larger retainer than an Adoption, etc.  Please contact our office to discuss retainers and billing rates.

Mediation and Arbitration Services

Ms. Whitnah provides mediation and arbitration services at her hourly rate.  Please contact outroffice for information regarding her hourly rate and applicable retainer amounts.  Ms. Whitnah provides both scheduled in-person services as well as services via remote means. 

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