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Enforcement and Contempt


Unfortunately, sometimes it is necessary to have to file for contempt against a party.  Contempt proceedings deal with a variety of issues but we commonly explain to people that contempt does and address issues regarding parenting time or your parenting plan. 

We commonly see issues such as:

  • Non-payment of child support

  • Non-payment for medical expenses

  • Failure to remove a party from a vehicle title

  • Failure provide insurance cards to a party


Enforcement is a remedy available to people who are dealing with parenting time issues and/or parenting plan issues.  Whether you are being denied parenting time altogether or there are more minor denials because of a disagreement interrupting your parenting plan, we are here to help you with these issues. 

Often these issues can be settled with the help of an attorney aiding in communication between parties.  If this not possible or probable enforcement pleadings can be filed with the court to help.  Enforcement provides many options and remedies to clients depending on their situation.  

Contact our office for issues with denial of parenting time or parenting plans.  

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