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Parenting Time and Parenting Plans

Life happens.  People change. Children grow.  Whether planned or not, parenting time and parenting plans have to be revised to continuous fit your families unique needs.  Ms. Whitnah has vast experience with both standard and creative parenting time modifications and parenting plans. 

Most commonly we deal with the following modification types:

  • Relocation of a party

  • Step-up plans for reunification with a parent

  • Aging of children

  • Safety-focused plans 

  • Creative plans for equal parenting time

Child Support, Spousal Support, and Other Financials 

Not all financials can be modified, but we can help you understand what financials can be modified in a case.  Ms. Whitnah not only has more standard approaches to dealing with financial issues, she is willing to dive in with clients to find creative solutions that allows everyone to benefit. 

Some of the most common financial modifications are:

  • Child Support

  • Spousal Support

  • Cash Medical/Out-of-Pocket Medical expenses

  • Extracurricular Expenses

  • Educational Expenses

  • Creative Tax Expemptions negotiations

  • Travel Costs (for mid-distance and long-distance parenting plans)

Contact out office with additional questions regarding financial modifications. 

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