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Custody Disputes

Joint Legal Custody 

Joint legal custody can be an excellent options for parties that co-parent well together.  Joint legal custody is different from parenting time.  If you have joint legal custody both parents must agree on all major decisions for what we call "The Big Three" which are education, medical, and religious decisions.  

One party cannot make unilateral decisions regarding education, medical, and religion without the consent and agreement of the other parent.  Joint custody can only be agreed to by the parties in case.  A determination of joint custody cannot be made by a judge in Oregon. 

It is important to understand the difference between custody (both joint and sole) and parenting time.  We can help you navigate custody disputes and custody modifications, but this distinction is an important one when discussing yours desires and goals for a case and outcome. Contact our office with additional questions. 

Sole Legal Custody

As discussed above, custody is different than parenting time.  A determination of sole legal custody gives one party major decision making authority over "The Big Three" which are education, medical, and religious decisions. 

Custody disputes and changes in sole legal custody can be stressful and in some cases "an uphill battle".   It is important to think about the reasons for a custody change and to understand the distinction between custody and parenting time.  This will help you better articulate the Court, to us, and to yourself about goals and desires for a case.  

Ms. Whitnah has nearly two decades of experience with custody disputes. Contact our office for a consultation and let us help you find a solution. 

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