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Our divorce services are crafted with a compassionate touch, embracing the unique needs of every individual. We provide a supportive, inclusive environment where clients can navigate the challenges of divorce with empathy and understanding.

We are experienced in all kinds of divorce cases. Whether amicable or high-conflict, our professional expertise has you covered. 


We can discuss the complex financial issues that divorce inevitably  brings including:

  • Real Property Division

  • Spousal Support

  • Personal Property and other Asset Division

  • Child Support

  • Retirement and Investment Division

  • Business Division 

  • Pre-martial Property and Assets

  • Inheritance 

Registered and Unregistered Domestic Partnerships

Sometimes you did not walk down the aisle, but you shared a life together.  You had kids, bought a house, or co-mingled assets and investments.  There are solutions and options for you. 

Ms. Whitnah has represented clients both in Registered Domestic Partnerships and Unregistered Domestic Partnerships.  These types of cases are becoming more common as the landscape of family law changes in Oregon.  Too often people believe that no options are available to them because the did not get "legally" married.  That is not the case. 

Contact us to discuss your options.  We have solutions. 

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