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Introducing our law firm

Oregon Family Law Solutions
Est. 2023

Our family law team provides legal advice and support on many family law matters, including divorce and domestic partnership dissolution, child custody, modifications, pre and post nuptial agreements, restraining orders, guardianships for minors or the elderly, and adoption.  


All family law matters can be very emotionally and financial draining.  While our firm provides strong and aggressive litigation tactics when necessary, we also seek out of court solutions to limit the impact on families.


We specialize in complex divorce cases both with and without children.  We provide numerous creative solutions and help you navigate the best path forward for your family. 

Custody Disputes

Children are the priority in all family matters.  A custody battle or a change in custody can be daunting but necessary for the wellbeing of your children. Let us help you find a solution. 

Parenting Time Modifications

Life changes. Parenting plans need to be revised as your children grow and their lives change. We specialize in creative and collaborative ideas with you to make these necessary changes to your parenting plan. 

Contempt and Enforcement

Unfortunately, the need to enforce a parenting plan or file for contempt is necessary.  Let us help you with this uglier side of family law.  We are skilled and using these tools to negotiate a better outcome in the future, so this is not a common issue. 

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